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Tell CD4 Councilman David Ryu and the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council to:

Keep Our Streets Safe

Keep Our Community Safe

Keep Our Kids Safe

Keep The Rowena Road Diet

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CD4 City Hall Phone:  213.473.7004

CD4 Hollywood Field Office:  323.957.6415

Please e-mail Councilmembers David Ryu and Mitch O'Farrell




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Help us advocate for these additional safety improvements on Rowena Avenue and it's surrounding streets

Due to navigation apps such as Waze some of Rowena's surrounding streets have seen cut-through traffic during rush hour even though traffic on Rowena remains free flowing.  To help make these streets safer for all users we recommend the following improvements:

• Designating parts of Angus as a one way street with appropriate signage and barriers.  For instance, Angus could be designated one way headed towards Griffith Park Blvd between Kenilworth and Moreno. This would effectively stop “cut-through” traffic without too much disruption for residents.  Angus could also be designated One Way towards Lakewood between W. Silver Lake and Lakewood.
• Alternatively turns could be limited onto both Angus and Scotland from Griffith Park during the afternoon rush hour.
• Limiting left hand turns onto Lakewood during the afternoon rush hour

While the road diet has made Rowena much safer, there is still more that can be done.  Keep Rowena Safe proposes the following additional safety enhancements:

• Adding a Leading Pedestrian Interval at the light at W. Silver Lake and Rowena.  This will give the children and adults crossing Rowena a safe head start before car traffic can enter the intersection.  Adding a “No Right Turn on Red” sign between 7 am & 9 am and 2 pm & 4 pm would further make this intersection safer for the students at Ivanhoe and their parents


• Adding a pedestrian controlled signalized crosswalk at either Avenal and Rowena or Herkimer and Rowena (both unmarked but legal crossings) where a large number of pedestrians cross daily.


• Adding a pedestrian controlled signalized crosswalk mid block on Rowena between W. Silver Lake and Lakewood where many patrons of the restaurants and retail shops on Rowena cross. 


• Adding a traffic signal at Waverly and Glendale to create a safe crossing for students and parents at P.L.A.Y. preschool.


• Add more lighting where there continues to be poor visibility along Rowena – namely in front of and across the street from Edendale Grill and the Wolf Down restaurant where both valets and customers often cross.